Om je een idee te geven volgen hier enkele ervaringen van meisjes die via Huisje Boompje Nanny als au pair in Nederland verbleven.

Being an au pair has showed me amazing things that I could have never imagined. Travelling was one of my biggest goals and now, 10 months later I’ve been to 8 countries! My host family always encouraged me to enjoy my year to the fullest and included me in their family. This was the best way to discover how to be “Dutch”. The language was a big challenge in the beginning, but with a lot of love and patience from the kids (also from the family) we now have an awesome relationship. They’re my treasure! Being an au pair is definitively going to change your life! It will make you able to see life with brand new eyes, it will make you more open minded, it will make you experience unthinkable things. If you truly love kids and if you want to experience new things out of your comfort zone, you should be an au pair!

Flávia Minassa


I decided to become an au pair because I thought it was a great opportunity to combine my love for children, travelling and culture. Being an au pair basically blended all this into one and gave me an opportunity of a lifetime. Anyone that loves children and is looking for an opportunity to travel, learn a new culture and experience many memories with a host family, then this is the program for you!
My host family is amazing. It’s fantastic when you get that great connection right away. I have also made many great friends this year, thanks to HBN, they have fun meetings where you meet other au pairs. Overall the experience of being an au pair was amazing. I achieved all I wanted to during my year. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone, it is an unusual, fun, exciting opportunity to move abroad, make friends, travel and study. You definitely will have the time of your life!”

Camilla Ferres


I am 26 years old and besides travelling to the UK I have never travelled much. I finished at job I had at the time and decided to do something totally out of my comfort zone. The BEST decision I ever made was being an Au Pair in The Netherlands for a year. I ended up in Amsterdam with the greatest family ever. We formed a bond that ı don’t think can be easily broken. This year has been one for the books… I met so many awesome people and experienced Europe and had a home to come back to Amsterdam after traveling to Antwerp, Barcelona, Dublin, Paris, Bordeaux, Nice, Pisa, Rome, Florence, Genoa, Venice and Prague. I also went to other towns in The Netherlands and over all had a great time. I absolutely loved this year and would recommend it to anyone and everyone. I am sad to go back to South Africa and will miss my host Family a lot!


(South Africa)

Hello everybody, my name is Elisa de la Roca, I’m 26 years old and I’m from Guatemala. A year ago I decided I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, explore another country and maybe even learn another language. I stared looking for a place to go and a close friend of mine suggested me I should come to the Netherlands, where she was working as an au pair. The Netherlands? I asked, an Au pair?  First I didn’t know what an Au pair was and second the only thing I had heard about the Netherlands was the good cheese and clomps. She explained everything to me and here I am, a year later; back in my country with incredible memories, beautiful stories and another place to call home.  After understanding that an au pair was more or less like a babysitter/older sister/parent/cook and sometimes cleaner, I decided I had to investigate a bit more. I saw the program and immediately got interested. Working and having fun with children, learning another language, interacting with another culture, tasting different food; it was all too exciting to let the opportunity go.  I ended up living in a really small town 20 minutes north from Amsterdam with family Quagebeur. Definitely one of the best decisions I have taken in my life. I had to take care of three little monsters and I just fell in love with them. My family was always so nice to me, making me feel part of them but also giving me my privacy when needed. We got to do so many activities together, not only with the kids but also with my host parents. I just felt people in the Netherlands were very friendly. If I asked for directions they would always answer in a very polite way, if I didn’t understand what the lady in the train was saying I would ask someone and they would translate it for me.  I found myself speaking new languages; I was speaking a little Dutch and Spanish with the kids, English and Spanish with my host parents and sometimes even understanding Portuguese with the cleaning lady. I also learned to bike with two or three kids on the same bike. I met people from all over the world and that helped me to understand better some other cultures.  In conclusion I had an incredible year; learned a lot, explored a lot and definitely grew a lot as a person. I didn’t gain only friends, I gained a family. 
Thank you HBN for making it possible. 
Sincerely, Eli

Elisa de la Roca


Deciding to become an au pair has been a wonderful adventure, at the beginning I didn’t know what to expect or how it was going to be, but I have to say that it has been amazing. The fact of living with a family makes you really get to know the culture and live it. I live with an extraordinary family and I just fell in love with all the children, they bring out the best in me, they have made me a happier person. This experience has made me grow as a person and taught me how to be better.  I have also met a lot of nice persons that became my friends, besides all of this Holland is a beautiful country with many amazing places to visit and close to other nice countries to travel around.  This was the best decision I have made and I have to say that I wish I didn’t have to leave.

Brisseth Castro


Om Europa te besigtig is seker enige jongmens se droom.  Deur te au pair in Holland, het my daardie geleentheid gebied.  Al was die taal nie van die moeilikste om te begryp nie, was dit natuurlik nogsteeds ’n aanpassing om dadelik in ’n ander kultuur en huishouding jouself tuis te maak. My herinneringe sal ek vir niks verruil nie: my “host” gesin, my oorsese vriendekring, die feeste, die lande – lê my na aan die hart.  Die moeilikste deel van my au pair ervaring was sonder twyfel die totsienssê-slag. Ek sal enige iemand aanraai om te au pair as jy bereid is om die meerderheid van jou tyd tussen kinders te bestee, ander mense in ag te neem en te respekteer, en die belangrikste van als: jouself te geniet!!         

Adele Bezuidenhout

(South Africa)

‘Being an Au Pair was one of my best decisions in life! It gave me so much and it’s still keeps on giving me! Coming to an unknown country to live with unknown people was scary first, but it gave me confidence in myself and I grew up. It’s also amazing how fast you find other Au Pairs, how quick you connect with them, explore the new country together and just have fun. They become friends for life and you will never forget them.’
Liliana (Colombia)
Hola mi nombre es Liliana y soy de Colombia. Definitivamente la experiencia de ser Au Pair con HBN es fantástica!! La oportunidad de sumergirte completamente en una nueva cultura es increíble, siempre tienes  mucho que aprender con los niños, con la familia y con los amigos que vas haciendo cada día. ¿Qué mejor manera de aprender Dutch o Inglés, que estando allí y compartiendo cada día con la maravillosa gente de Holanda? Simplemente una oportunidad de muchos aprendizajes….Muchos éxitos para todas en su experiencia….y disfruten al máximo.

Jasna Trop


‘My name is Rebeca I’m 26 years old and I have finished my study to be a pre-school teacher in my home-town Guatemala. I have been working as a teacher for 4 years, but later I decided I wanted to discover other parts of the world. This dream came true when I decided to become an Au pair. Having made that decision, it was just the right thing to do. I had my first experience for a year in Switzerland and after for 2 years in Holland. In both countries I had a wonderful life experience! I learned more about kids and how it is to look after them at home. Having the opportunity to live with a family and get to know them, another culture and language, was just great. It is the perfect chance to guide, educate and have fun kids, get to know them and for sure to have a fun time in another country, meeting people and making new friends.’
I learned so much in the time I was au pairing and I know I will apply everything in my future teaching jobs. But the most important thing: Kids need guidance but they also need a friend. So as an au pair you become so close to them, that they will open their hearts to you, you become their friend and you can guide them like the parents do!!

Rebeca Solares


´As an au pair from south Africa I find Holland amazing! a country with rich culture and amazing people! delicious cheese ,stroopwafels and many nice things to treat yourself! Transport is so well organized, it makes it so easy to travel from one part to another!! then of course you have the great option of travelling with a bicycle from one point to another! a great way to explore the country side with all its beautiful flowers,windmills,canals and mystic forests! Entertainment in Holland is entertaining!;)many live shows in the outdoors and kermis where you can go and eat some suikerspin and take a spin on some fun rides!! Fashion is so cool and funky ,so there is soo many places where you can go and treat yourself with a stunning item to wear!! Holland is a country with great culture and a lot to do!! I will recommend au pairing in Holland any day! the kids here is amazing and loving!! So to me…Holland is a country everyone should visit if they can. and of course a country to come and prepare yourself to be a parent one day!! haha!!

Izette Visser

(South Africa)