Due to our hectic lifestyle with both partners working full or part-time it is important to create peace and balance in our lives, for yourself and for your kids. Having survived a hard day of work, traffic jams… Read more


HBN Au Pair Services is an au pair agency approved by IND (Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service). Only a recognised au pair agency can submit an application on behalf of an au pair…. Read more


Have you always dreamed about going abroad? Would you like to experience a different culture and explore another country? Do you love taking care of kids and being around them? Read more

Welcome training /Communication and Initiative taking

HBN developed, In collaboration with two students, a training especially for au pairs. This training will be given to all the new HBN au pair arriving in the Netherlands. The training consists of two parts and focuses on Initiative taking and cultural differences.

First Aid course

HBN feels that it is very important that her Au Pair candidates do a First-Aid Course focused on children. We have chosen to do this in collaboration with 'het Rode Kruis'. The course that we offer in cooperation with het Rode Kruis costs €72,60 (Certificate included)...

HBN event 11 februari

The 20th HBN event will take place on 11 February. As always, we provide a Dutch touch ...


Ana Luisa

Ana Luisa

Our agent in South-Africa

Astrid & Mitchell

Astrid & Mitchell

Our agent in Brazil



Our agent in Guatemala