To see if the Au Pair program really fits you it is good to read other peoples experiences. These are HBN au pairs who shared their experiences with us over the last years.

“I had the most amazing year! My relationship with my host family has been great since the beginning and this is very important for an au pair because we spend most part of our time with them. They are all kind and the kids are lovely, they were always open to listen to me and were always trying to help me with everthing that they could. They are really special to me and I’ll miss them so much. This year was an adventure, a big one, and every different experience taught me something new and I am thankful for all of them. I couldn’t have had a better experience and a better host family. I love them and they will always have a big place in my heart, and I only could find them because of HBN. HBN supported me since the begnning with every little step and this is the kind of thing that made me feel confortable and confident about my choice. HBN created many opportunities to meet us in person (something that is really nice because made me feel that I wasn’t just another au pair) and to made me feel that I could count on them for sure because they would be always there to help me.


I will never forget about my year! Being away from family and friends it’s never easy, but it can be a great experience if you have people around you who care about you!”
Francine Tescarolli

Brazil, Au Pair in Heemstede 2017

Hi there!

I would just like to thank you for this opportunity and to say goodbye! I know I still have a few weeks left but I just want to reply to the previous email. I have received the HBN certificate.

In reply to the review of my host family: My relationship with my host family was very special. I truly feel as though I was a part of this family and I think that I will always be a part of it. My host mom was there for me constantly and offered me support and advice in all situations. She taught me so many things that I will never forget. My host dad always made an effort to include me in all family situations and gave me so much advice. The kids were my absolute joy, they welcomed me and trusted me and taught me so many things. I was very lucky to be a part of this family.

.I liked that I was able to learn so many new things in a comfortable space. I never felt as though I was just here to look after the kids, I felt as though I was always considered as an important part of the family. I enjoy that my host family taught me so much about the Dutch culture and helped me learn the language. I love that I will always be a part of the family and will always be welcome. I enjoy that my host parents gave me the freedom to find my own footing and to figure out my own way of doing things while still applying to the way they like to have things done. I love that they took me on family holidays with them and got to experience different cultures with them. I don’t really feel as though there was anything missing in the relationship.

I found it really easy to adapt to their customs. They always took the time to explain the traditions and customs to me. They always included me in family events such as Sinterklaas and Christmas. They helped me a lot with learning how to speak dutch, if I didn’t understand something they always explained or translated. They also took a lot of time getting to learn about my cultures and traditions, which I really appreciate.

I would describe my experience with my host family as one that is unforgettable. I feel as though I gained a family and I will never forget them.

I would recommend my host family to keep everything the way it is. I feel as though they know the process really well and that they have found a way of doing things that work. At the moment I cannot think of anything I would recommend for them to change in the process.

I would highly recommend my host family and I will forever feel very grateful for them and for this experience.”

Cailin Loft

South Africa, Au Pair in Bentveld 2017

I could summarize my year as au pair in The Netherlands in a sentence: Everything is advance and transformation.
When I manage to make a 2 years old Dutch girl understand me speaking in english, when I conquer the genuine heart of two kids – that I am completely in love, when bad weather becomes a joke, when I travel completely alone to a new country and make this adventure the best I can and then I am received with a beautiful smile from a 4 years old dutch boy looking forward to share his news with me.
Transformation is what I am now, a happy and fulfilled person. Glad to be where I am, and especially with a new vision about the world, the possibilities and full of plans. And part of this new person I owe to my host parents, Marloes and Reinout, who with love and patience taught me and made my year very special and full of love.
It’s not easy, but it’s worth it when you smile and is open for the chances that life gives you!

Amanda Polizinani

Brazil, Au Pair in Aerdenhout 2017

My au pair year started in January, but unfortunately there was a mismatch. As soon as I decided to change families, HBN listened to my concerns helped me find a new family. They were very fast and effective with their help and within a few weeks, I was placed with the Stoelman family.

Now, as my time is coming to an end, I couldnt be more grateful to have been placed with them.
I have become very attached, to not just the kids but the whole family. We have all shared the most amazing experiences. I will forever be grateful to them, for accepting me as not just an au pair, but as family and a friend.

Chantee Blight

South Africa, Au Pair in Aerdenhout 2017

“My personal experience in The Netherlands is that au pairing has been my best decision yet. You move in with a family , take care or their children, need to make new friends and adjust to a completely different environment and culture. All these things contribute towards your experience, and mine has been amazing.

Thanks to my host family who have helped me learn so many things and help adjust made everything a lot easier. Huisje Boompje Nanny made it possible for me to make friends easier and feel at ease with the culture shock and in times not knowing what to do.

Au pairing is not only a gap year, as seen by most, but it’s a year of personal growth, making life long friends, getting to experience a new and different culture from your own and get to become a part of a beautiful family. It’s truly something I would recommend to anyone and everyone who ever stumbles upon an opportunity like this themselves.”

Lehanie Scheepers

South Africa, Au Pair in Haarlem 2017

About going to the Netherlands through HBN:

Before making my decision of becoming an Au pair in the Netherlands I read many descriptions/testimonials and among them I found two that really impressed me: “the Au pair is an extra you (host mom)” and “we want to have an Au pair because as we cannot show the world to our children, we want to bring the world to our house”. By reading this I was sure that I was going to be embraced/adopted by the host family. And so it was. My expectations were high and they were exceeded. Going to the Netherlands through HBN was the best decision I could ever make. I was always supported simply by the fact that HBN cares about families and Au pairs. They have a personal kind of approach, we (Au pairs and HBN team) get to know each other in person and they are always there for you.

Now about my Au pair year:

My host family made me feel at home since the first second we saw each other in the airport. They opened their arms and their hearths for me. I had a wonderful experience of love and self-knowledge. My host mom gave birth to the loveliest baby in the world during my stay there and they really let me be part of everything related to the little one. This really made my experience even more special. I couldn’t have had a better host family. I love them. They are my family!

Alua Azevedo

Brasil, Au Pair in Heemstede/Aerdenhout 2016

This year was my most difficult year, but also one of the greatest years I think I will ever have! You as person grow so much independent and are forced to learn quickly how to work wisely with your finances…I can advice any girl to be an au pair, because you don’t only have the chance to travel Europe, but so much time to discover who and what are important in your life and who you truly are…
Jane Gerber

South Africa

Choosing an agency it’s not an easy task. Thinking about moving to another country usually is difficult because we never know what to expect from a family we don’t know. We just expect we can have a great experience and a match with a family that can make us feel like home. When I was in Brazil, I had doubts about with agency I should go for and I choose HBN. But then I got a match with a family through a website and they asked me to move to another agency they had choose themselves. So I did it. I couldn’t expect what was coming next, when I arrived in the Netherlands the family didn’t want to follow the rules of the program and I was in a difficult situation, I contacted my previous agent and she made things even worst. So I came to HBN to ask for help and to ask them to accept me back and help me to get a new family, I didn’t want to give up on the program. They interviewed me, they looked at me and they heared what I had to say. They didn’t treat me as they were just administration office, but a serious agency committed with girls that want to have an amazing experience abroad and I could realize they took the time and  gave me a chance to make the way back: checking families and making sure they are following the rules and are interested in build a family relationship with the girls. They have the key to make sure the program is going to be successful to both sides. They will do their best to help in the match and during the program they check all the time how things are going. I had a chance to be interviewed by a family they arranged for me and they invited me to move to them. I feel so blessed for coming to them and getting a second chance for choosing right! I get along very well with my current family, but all of this I owe to the HBN team, that didn’t turn their the back or give me a trivial treatment. Thanks so much for being there for me! I’ll remember this experience forever!

Michelle de Paula

Brasil, Au Pair in Bussum 2016

This is a message I can write without thinking twice. I had the most amazing experience and incredible year growing so fond of my host family and this country and all it has to offer.

I though as an au pair when you arrive here and spend your time with the family the contact with the agencies will not really matter but I was completely wrong! I have a few friends at other agencies that had trouble with their families and had the worst experiences trying to rematch or girls leaving and never heard of their company during the year including no emails to guide them with the process of de registration etc and I could see how that had a huge part to play in their unhappiness.

These incidences made me realize how important a good relationship is with your agency as well as an agency who cares because when you have trouble in a different country you need someone to help you and it is amazing knowing there are people that will help.

HBN is really an incredible agency and even though we only exchanged a few emails and spend time twice in person I honestly can say I felt well looked after as besides the admin there were times effort were made to personally see if I am doing well especially when Hanre left and I appreciated it more than I could express!

You guys do such an incredible job and I am sad to leave and not be apart of this great company anymore! One I am proud to say I was a member of! You guys do an exceptional job and I believe the fact that you personally know your au pairs and families are what makes you such an amazing agency.

Thank you for everything you do for all the girls and especially for what you did for me! I appreciated it so much and I still do!

I hope that every au pair will be as lucky as I am to be apart of the best agency!

Margaux Reynecke

South Africa, Au Pair in Amsterdam 2016