For every new au pair HBN organises a Welcome training & First Aid training in the first or second month of their Au Pair year. next to this we organise a fun event for all our au pairs to be together 3 times a year. We find it very important for you to be able to join these events, as this is a great way to stay in touch with other au pairs and with us.Next to this we have an HBN WhatsApp group and an HBN Facebook group to get you into contact more easily with Au Pairs in your neighbourhood.


These events can vary from a nice BBQ at the beach to a sporty Dutch activity like ice-skating. This is the perfect opportunity for you to meet other au pairs and to get to know one another. Even if you already have made new friends it is still a fun afternoon to join. Every activity is also chosen as an extra opportunity to make you acquainted with Dutch culture and it gives us the opportunity to see all of you in an informal way. We asked your host family to cover these costs so you are always able to join these events. Check out the upcoming event



HBN organises a welcome training for all newly arrived au pairs. HBN has developed a welcome training in cooperation with especially for the au pair program. Experience has taught us that good communication is the basis of and the key to a successful au pair year. Partially because of the cultural differences extra guidance is a plus. That is why HBN offers all our au pairs whether they come through a self-match service or through our full service this welcome training. We know how important it is to assist our au pairs at the start and share our knowledge and expertise in the au pair program. Next to this we feel it is very important to meet you all in person, as this will make it easier to come to us for assistance during the year. Check out the next Training


HBN finds it important that her au pairs. As an au pair you do not need to be a qualified nanny, yet you do spend a lot of time with your host family’s most valuable possession; their kids. Therefore we feel it is important you follow do a first aid course focused on children so you to know how to act in life threatening situations and also know how to prevent accidents from happening. We have chosen to work with the “Koninklijke EHBO” in cooperation with the Gunpowder EHBO team. Marieke and Henriette are experts in first aid and will give this course in a very interactive and visual way. They explain and teach how to act in emergency situations and how to prevent them from happening.Your Host family will cover the costs of  this course (€45-). If you are interested in joining this first aid course as a parent you are more than welcome to join. They can also come to your home to give a workshop in Dutch for you and others if you can gather more parents. Check the data for upcoming courses.


Part of the HBN au pair program is that the host family offers you a course of €300. It is part of the exchange that you should be given  the opportunity to learn, develop more skills and get to know the Dutch culture within this year.  Most common is a course of  Dutch or English language, however in mutual consent it may also be  a cooking course or something else.
In the Netherlands there are several English and Dutch language courses available. Huisje Boompje Nanny has good experiences / references of several courses and therefore we have made a list of recommended courses. Discuss what time and course will suit you and your Host Family best together. Our partner Taalthuis offers HBN au pairs and their Host families a discount of 5%.You can view the upcoming courses and register here.