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Because of  COVID 19, we have not done a physical meeting in the first few months after the outbreak. However, we feel the importance of having a face to face meeting with our Au Pairs is even higher in these extraordinary times. Now that the measurements are loosened a bit more, we are planning physical meetings for all of you who have arrived in the last months or the coming month divided in smaller groups. Of course we are taking the necessary precautions and the meeting will have a different focus and be shorter than usual. We think especially in these extraordinary times it is good to see and speak to all of you starting your year here with your new Dutch family.   

Herewith we send you the measurements we are taking during the training so you all can be assured that it will be corona proof:

* The meeting will be with a maximum participants of 10 persons 

* The meeting is planned on such a date that all girls can adhere to the 10 days of quarantaine after arrival. 

* The meeting will take place outside.

* There will be a 1.5 meter distance from each other during the whole meeting.

* There will be disinfecting soap when you enter the meeting and during the meeting.


*We expect all Au Pairs to respect the 1.5 meter during and before entering the meeting.

*We expect all Au Pairs to wear a mask during travel with public transport.

We feel it is very important for them to assist them in the start of this whole new adventure, exchange first experiences and also share our expertise knowledge. We focus the training part on communication and taking initiative because we see how important this is in making the program a success.

Planning:Thursday 10th September 2020,Thursday 17 September 2020, Thursday 24 September 2020