How we work

HBN has developed a system that automated the whole process for Host Families and Au pairs. With this system we can work faster, safer and more efficient. With this system we can be more efficient in processing our legal duties and focus more on the important human aspect of the program and the people we guide in the Au pair program.


Have you found a matching Au pair yourself? Or would you like to search for a matching au pair yourself?  Than we will guide you both further in the process after the match, both legal and personal. Do you still doubt which candidate to choose? We can also look with you and advice you with our expertise in making the final choice. We guide au pairs who come through a Self-match as much as au pairs who come here in Full service program.  We do not want to differentiate our level of care and guidance cause we feel all au pairs deserve the same care and guidance.


Au Pairs with a European nationality don’t need an Au Pair visa or residence permit. However Au Pairs with a european passport do need a sponsor  such as HBN to become and be Au Pair in the Netherlands on the basis of their recognized Au Pair exchange program.


With our automized system you can login to your own personal profile where you are lead through the steps in the process. Meanwhile we will make an appointment for a visit/home intake or face-time call. We will visit your home to have a more personal interview in order to get to know you better and inform you personally on all the aspects the program entails.


Next we will link you propose you to all the au pair candidates who we think could be matching with your family, lifestyle and wishes. These candidates are selected and interviewed with care so we can find the perfect match between your family and the Au Pair as soon as possible (average 2-3 weeks). You can meet as many candidates as you like  in one or more face time or Skype conversations. We will advise you personally where you like. When you feel it is truly a fit and both parties have agreed to the match, we will continue with the paperwork to bring your Au Pair to the Netherlands.


As a host family of your new au pair there has to be proven that you abide by the legal terms that apply to the au pair program. With the required documents of the Au Pair and Host family we will (if necessary) apply for the visa and residence permit (TEV). This will take about 4-6 weeks. After the Visa has been approved we will guide you in all the preparations for your Au Pair’s arrival. Together with our expertise partners, we will assist you in arranging the flight the necessary Au Pair insurances for your Au Pair.

Huisje Boompje Nanny Au pair Services is an authorized sponsor of the IND. As an authorized sponsor of the IND we have strict duties
In short these duties consists of:
– Administration duty: HBN is legally obliged to administrate all necessary documents of both parties. HBN will treat all personal documents confidential.
– Duty of information: Structural changes (i.e. changes in family dynamics, changes in income, changes in living arrangements, changes in residence status of the au pair etc.) must always be reported to the IND.
– Care duty: HBN needs to always look out for the wellbeing of the Au Pair during her stay.


Apart from the fact that a good match between the host family and the Au Pair is vital, it is equally as important to make sure that both parties know what to expect from each other. Clear rules provide a sturdy base for a good and mutually beneficial relationship. That’s why we developed a Host Family Guidelines and an Au pair Manual. In those briefings all important aspects are covered which are part of the Au pair program. But also, what to expect of each other and how to handle certain situations and cultural differences.

After arrival the au pair receives the HBN welcome package and will attend our HBN special Welcome Training where they also meet all other new Au pairs so they are able to share their first experiences. We discuss expectations, the importance of communication and taking initiative, cultural differences and their legal duties. We feel it is important that all our au pairs will receive the same level of guidance and care from our agency, whether they self matched or not. Because au pairs are not certified nannies but do spend a lot of their time with your kids we feel it is important that your Au Pair will follow a First Aid Course that focuses on child accidents. We therefore organize a special First Aid course in collaboration with the Koninklijke EHBO. Host parents are also welcome to participate.


During the year we will contact the host family and the au pair multiple times for an evaluation by email and phone on how everything is going and to check if any structural changes have taken place in the family or au pair situation. Especially in the third and forth month the Au pair is contacted in case she’s feeling a bit down, which is common in the third/forth month. During the entire exchange period we will be at the disposal for the family or au pair for advise, further guidance or a second opinion. We will treat every conversation confidential.


If you would like to apply please register here.

We will contact you as soon as possible to make an appointment for an intake visit. If you are not sure yet, you can contact us at any time for questions or further information. You are always welcome for a cup of coffee at our office or a videocall through skype or face-time.