Agustina – After I discovered Holland, I thought I wanted to help girls in Argentina to make their dreams come true. I want to share my wonderful experience with them, I want them to feel the joy I experience. Holland, my Dutch family and those brilliant children I took care of, changed my life… I wish everyone could know the Dutch culture and discover those magical lands. I believe helping girls will make me go back to those unforgettable days!
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Nadja – More than just administration, at HBN  we listen, we care. I’m more than an agent, I’m a counsellor, a confidant and I live this experience with all my girls. Having lived this whole amazing experience myself and working with HBN for a little more than two years, I have grown, matured and built a strong professional base on the au pair field. And as always, I intend to keep on going and growing side by side with the HBN team.



Alua – Together with Nadja, I intend to bring all attention and dedication needed, so you can have an amazing year in Netherlands! As an ex-au pair I know how you feel, what your expectations are and I intend to share all my «fresh» experiences with you. Do not be afraid and let’s build this dream together!



Lina – A friend who is going to help you fulfill your dreams. Tu agente en Colombia. Te invito a compartir una experiencia inolvidable. Holanda es un país increíble en donde puedes aprender sobre muchas cosas. Los niños son maravillosos. la gente es muy amable y ni qué hablar de la comida quesos, yogures y ensaladas además todo el mundo está dispuesto a ayudarte para que aprendas el idioma de tu preferencia inglés o dutch. Lo que a mi más me encanto fueron las bicis te puedes recorrer todo el país en bici. aunque ya verás qué extraño se siente ir al mar en invierno es una locura. Cualquier cosa, no dudes en comunicarte conmigo. Déjame hacer parte de tu experiencia de vida.



Ana Luisa – Feel stronger when you are honest, sincere and share with people. Love helping girls to have the opportunity to experience knowing and living with a different culture.
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Ana Luisa


Paula – Former au pair. More than just an agent; a counselor and friend for all the girls I serve. Always here to listen and give guidance, because I understand all the parts that go into being an au pair in the Netherlands. Let’s grow together and make this an unforgettable experience.
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