Tarieven 2020

Below you find an overview of the current rates of HBN Au Pair Services. We have set up our services in a transparant way for you. You can choose the level of service you wish to receive provided that we comply to the legal conditions and that we can give every of our Au Pairs the same level of guidance and care.  To spread the costs we split our invoice in two.

Services Self Match EU Self Match Non-EU Full Service Non-EU
  • Selecting pre-screened candidates with view on candidate, proposing process and expertise advice during matching process.

  • Full support during program to Host Family and Au pair.

  • Welcome training and welcome package for Au pair & Family

  • Basic Compliance

  • Legal Compliance

  • Regular evaluations and guidance during the program + performing legal duties

  • Arrangements insurance & events

  • Arrangements ticket & first aid





IND FEE & ADMINISTRATION (LEGES 290,-/IND procedure/processing leges)





-Basic screening & interview HBN NL



FULL SCREENING Foreign Agency:

– Guidance in pre-process

– Pre-screening

– Interview Agent and HBN NL + interview report


Participation to HBN Events (42,- p.e/3 times per year)









Flight costs are covered by the Au Pair

Flight costs are covered by the Au Pair

The Majority of the flight costs are covered by the Au Pair

average contribution €200,- and €450,- (In peek periods such as the summer and christmas holidays the prices usually are higher)


*On Mediation fee

Re-match in the 1st – 4th month 25% discount

(With extra advice and pre-screening option 40% discount)

Re-match in the 1st – 4th month 25%

(With extra advice and pre-screening option 40% discount)

Re-match in the 1st month free             

Re-match in 2nd- 3rd month 50% discount

Re-match in 4th – 5th month 40% discount

  • Advice and Pre-screening on several candidates on self match (max. 3)



  • First Aid course Au Pair (incl. Buskruit met EHBO book and EHBO KIT)




  • First aid Course EHBO Au Pair and Host Family (PACKAGE DEAL)




Pocket Money € 340, – / month
Au Pair Insurance € 45, – / month
Mobile Phone € 10, – / month
Course € 340, – /year
TAKE OVER AU PAIR RESIDING IN NL Fee (inc. compliance, admin and support ex. compensation of current Host family 50% 0f IND costs minimum)
A stay longer than 8 months €800,-
A stay between 6 and 7 months €700,-
A stay between 3 and 5 months €550,-


  1. The intake fee for the Full Service Program is 130 euro and takes place at your home before the first placement. We find it important to meet you and get a feeling of your home and family. The fee is excl. km allowance (25 ct. p/km) and parking costs.
  2. The intake fee for the Self-Match Service is 80 euro and will take place through Skype or Facetime.
  3. HBN organises 3 events per year. Host-families pay 85 euro for participation of the au pair in all events.
  4. HBN has developed a full service automation system to facilitate the whole process for Host Families in any service level they choose.
  5. Recurring placements on our full service program receive a discount offer: 10% after 1st, 12% after 2nd, and 15% after 3rd/more placement.
  6. All rates include sales tax (BTW).

In order to give you a better insight in the overal yearly /monthly costs of the Au Pair Program, herewith the overview:

Overview costs monthly-yearly base